The Wee Book Of Scottish Grannies' Sayings

A book by Susan Cohen full of warmth and humour written in broad Scots. Written as a tribute tae a wur bonnie wee darlin Grannies whose voices echo though every page. Scottish Grannies are movin and shakin with the times. They can be as philosophical as gurus and as bolshie as bikers, and they want everyone to know it! So make yourself a nice cup of tea, park yer bachoochie doon and start to read through this Wee Book cos you re in for a treat. The Grannies voices soar an squeal an jump off the pages! They ll make you laugh, they ll make you cry and they ll make you roll your eyes just as your own granny did back in the day, when she yelled in your direction dae as ye re telt or ye ll git whit fur!

Format: paperback
Size: 155mm x 155mm
Publisher: The Wee Book Company
Subject: Humour and Slang
Extent: 96 pages
ISBN: 9781916491557
Publication date: February, 2019

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