The Wee Book Of Getting Sh*te Done

Written in broad Scots, this hilarious book/journal by Susan Cohen will appeal to all ages with its message of positivity, confidence and resilience along with a big dollop of common sense and an even bigger dollop of outrageous Scots humour.

Dae ye iver look around yer hoose/yer office/yer shed an' think, 'how in the hair ile did a' this rubbish pile up?'. Bills, junk, bills, rubbish, mair bills, forms, letters, e'en mair bills ... sh*te jist a' piles up around us. Jings! How dae ye a. deal wi' it a', an' b. stop it a' frae pilin' up in the future? Weel, this book is gaun tae show ye how! Wi' a laff an' a chuckle an' a few light-hearted strategies tae follow, yer life is gaun tae change wi' this Wee Book! Staund by fur take auf!

Format: paperback
Size: 155mm x 155mm
Publisher: The Wee Book Company
Subject: Humour and Slang
Illustrations: b/w illustrations
Extent: 108 pages
ISBN: 9781916491540
Publication date: November 2019

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